Rechargeable and Invisible Hearing Aids (Both Ears)

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Hearing loss can be frustrating. It can be difficult to enjoy life’s little moments when you struggle to hear the television, can’t keep up with conversations, and can’t enjoy the birds singing. Luckily, there are the Relaxe Rechargeable Hearing Amplifiers!

Relaxe Rechargeable Hearing Amplifiers are a safe, convenient, and affordable sound amplification option for people with mild to moderate hearing loss looking to regain control of their auditory experience.

With an easy-to-use design and full-day battery life, you’ll be able to set them and forget them, enjoying the little moments around you. These amplifiers come with adjustable dome sizes for the perfect fit and excellent noise cancellation to make the world clear to you again.

Quick Overview

  •   Effective Treatment. Designed for mild to moderate hearing loss, these amplifiers have built-in noise reduction technology for crystal clear sound.
  •   Smart Design. Lightweight and discreet, these color-coded amplifiers (red for right, blue for left) sit comfortably in the ear canal, making them perfect for long-time use and use with glasses or masks.
  • Easy operation and maintenance. With an obvious on/off button and rechargeable base, you’ll be able to use your amplifiers with no confusion or frustrating battery replacement.
  •   Safe to use. These Relaxe amplifiers have automatic gain control to protect your ears from sudden loud noises.

Amplification to Assist Your Hearing

In-ear amplifiers are simple, independent devices that amplify sounds in your environment to make it easy to hear and understand them. They work as a system of an exterior microphone and an interior speaker held together in a small, semi-rounded casing that is designed to fit the ear. Most designs are held either by an over-the-ear cuff or by fitting into the ear canal itself.

Amplifiers are not considered strictly medical devices, meaning you do not need a prescription to access them, and they tend to be significantly cheaper than hearing aids. While they do help those with mild or moderate hearing loss to better hear their environment, they’re also considered useful for hunters and bird watchers, as well as anyone who simply wants to hear in more detail.

The iBstone Rechargeable Hearing Amplifiers are completely-in-canal (CIC) devices that form a seal in the canal with a replaceable wax guard (which comes in a variety of sizes) to ensure noise cancellation. The exterior microphone feeds audio to the interior speaker, which amplifies the sound based on your volume setting.

Amplification Benefits

  1. No Prescription Necessary. Amplifiers can be bought directly and for significantly less than the cost of prescription hearing aids.
  2. Safe and Simple. The easy-to-adjust volume control and automatic gain control ensure that you’re never exposed to damaging loud sounds as a result of your amplifiers.
  3. CIC Design for Convenience. The in-ear design of the amplifier allows you to use them with glasses or masks, and their skin tone base lets them blend into your ears for subtle sound amplification.
  4. Everything You Need in One Place. This package includes a charging station with USB power chord and wall adapter, convenient carrying case for travel when not in use, a volume adjusting and cleaning tool, as well as additional filters and domes.

How It Works

  1. Charge the amplifiers in their base until the indicator light turns blue.
  2. Turn on the amplifiers with the simple switch.
  3. Place the amplifiers in your ears so that they sit snugly.
  4. Adjust domes and volume settings as necessary for a comfortable fit and sound level.
  5. You’re done!


  • Product type: Completely in Canal (CIC)
  • Hearing Loss Range: Mild to Moderate
  • Package Dimensions: ‎ 6.65 x 5.51 x 1.73 inches; 11.68 Ounces
  • Item model number: ‎ K17

Key Features

  • Convenient Design. These simple buds sit inside the ear for maximum convenience. They’re color coded for easy placement and have an exterior color close to skin tone, making them unobtrusive and unnoticeable.
  • Comfortable Fit. Because they weight only two grams, you can wear these buds all day. Set them in and forget about them!
  • Easy Operation and Adjustment. One button to turn them on and off, one dial to adjust the volume level. That’s all there is to it. No faffing around with extra buttons or complicated controls.
  • High-Quality Sound. With built-in noise reduction and adjustable volume levels, you get high-quality, personalized sound with every use.
  • Quick Recharge and Long Battery Life. Recharge your amplifiers in their convenient USB-compatible port with color-changing indicator to let you know when they’re ready to use. Charge for 3-6 hours and get up to 24 hours of working time!
  • Durable Carrying Case. The amplifiers come with a sleek carrying case for easy transport when not in use. The case is shakeproof and compact, making it perfect for traveling.



These hearing aids are amazing! The first time I put them in I could hear more clearly. Not only do they amplify the sound, but the clarity is better.People on TV used to sound like a fast food speaker: blah blah blah. Now I can understand what they're saying.I can hear and understand my wife!!Thanks Relaxe!! - Desmond M.

If you struggling with hearing loss give this a try . The volume controls and sound quality and ease of comfort couldn’t be better.Make your loved one happy and change your life too! - Doug P.

So easy to wear!!I did not know what I have been missing.I now can hear what people are saying to me!! - Tracy P.


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