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We value your feedback and would love to hear about your experience with our Relaxe Massage Chair. Your testimonial video can help others make informed decisions and discover the benefits of our product. We've put together some instructions to guide you in creating your video, please read the following carefully:

Video Guidelines (REQUIRED):

The video should be at minimum 5 minutes in length — share with us your pain relief journey, any other products you've tried, how you found the chair, how the chair has helped you, your favorite features, and why you'd recommend this to others. 

1️⃣ Camera Angle: Find a well-lit and quiet area to shoot your video. Set up your camera or smartphone in a stable position, ensuring it captures your upper body and face clearly. A tripod or steady surface is recommended for a professional-looking video. Or have someone film you! We cannot accept selfie-style videos.

2️⃣ Your Story + Transformation: Please follow the instructions below. Remember, viewers want to know your story about what discomfort/pain you felt that led you to become interested in a massage chair in the first place, why you chose Relaxe, and how it has helped transform your life. Be as specific as possible!  Tell us about where your body hurt (neck, upper/lower back, shoulders, waist?), if you have sciatica or an autoimmune condition that requires the body to be massaged frequently, and how frequent massages felt on the body. What remedies did you already try? Chiropractor, inversion tables? What differences did you notice after a few weeks of use?

3️⃣ Showcase & Demonstrate Use Chair In Video: Please speak in front of the chair, and then demonstrate your favorite features towards the end of the video by sitting in the chair! 

4️⃣ Uploading Instructions: Upload to Dropbox by clicking the button below, or send it to us via email at hello@relaxe.co! 

Any videos that do not follow these guidelines will not qualify for the reward.

People want to hear WHY you got the chair!

1. Describe your story with back/body pain in detail so viewers can relate to why you were interested in a massage chair in the first place. Include as much detail as possible! Where on the body were you sore/hurting/aching? Describe the pain, and how it effected your life. How did the pain feel before and after massage chair use?

2. Focus less about the massage chair features but about what caused YOU to find a massage chair in the first place. Was it sciatic pain? General back pain? An accident? Are you nurse on their feet all day? A former military pilot? Poor posture due to aging?

How bad was the pain, how did it effect your life, and how did it make you feel? Again, be as specific as you can! You should spend a few minutes here. 

3. How did the Relaxe Massage Chair change your life?

Did using the chair help your mobility? Improve your sleep? What differences did you notice in your body after using the chair? Less pain, soreness, discomfort?

Tell us fully. This helps future customers make their decision to invest in the Relaxe Massage Chair — you could truly impact someone's life by sharing your story!

Please Watch Both Examples:

✅ Great camera angle, clearly shows massage chair and person

✅ Tom goes into detail about his back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and his background as a Chaplin hospice. Tells viewers how he's tried chiropractors, doctors, vitamins, painkillers but nothing has helped until he got his massage chair.

✅ Tells viewers how his life has been transformed by the massage chair. "I feel better than I've ever felt before." Ends by telling viewers they should get one.


✅ Great camera angle, clearly shows massage chair and person

✅ Talks about how the massage chair has helped him deal with pain ("Before the massage chair, I had to go to the chiropractor all the time"), how he feels like he "got his life back"

✅ Focuses on telling viewers how the chair has helped relieve pain and make him feel relaxed Demonstrates how he uses chair.

By sharing your video, you consent to allowing us to use it for promotional purposes, such as on our website or social media platforms. We may edit or trim the video for length and clarity, but we will never alter the meaning or intent of your testimonial.

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Stuck? Try Following This Format:

Some questions to consider while you make a video:

1. Describe your discomfort?: Please introduce yourself and share with us what issues you might have been having in your body. Are you standing all day in work? Do you have an autoimmune condition, sciatica, stenosis, etc.? Do you play sports? Basically, what was causing your initial discomfort?

2. What other relief mechanisms did you try?: Whether it was chiropractors, foam rollers, massage therapy, etc. What DID NOT work for your discomfort?

3. Pain & Stress Relief: Can you share how the massage chair helped relieve stress or physical pain? Has there been improvement in your overall well being?

4. Comparison: How does your experience with the Relaxe massage chair compare to other pain relief methods you've tried? 

5. Value: Considering the benefits and enjoyment you've received from your Relaxe massage chair, do you believe it offers good value for money? Why?

6. Recommendation: Why would you recommend the Relaxe massage chair to others?

7. Unique Story: Share a personal story or unique experience related to your Relaxe massage chair & how its helped you? Are you a firefighter who deals with heavy equipment, and has the massage chair helped you? Do you work an office job and are sitting and now have tight hip muscles, and has the massage chair helped you? Please demonstrate and tell us your favorite features! See the  the following videos for a great example of this.