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Get (Near) Instant Relief From Back Pain & Sciatica Without Lifting A Finger... With Our Deluxe Massage Chair

“Worth Its Weight In Gold”

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Float On Cloud 9 With “Zero Gravity”. Melt Soreness With Heat Therapy. Massage Your Hands, Feet & Entire Body… & Get FREE Gifts Worth $779!

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We’ve already sold out 3x in 2023 - hurry to claim yours before they’re gone - again!


Test Drive Today With Our Industry Leading, 365 Days "Try At Home" Guarantee

As seen on:

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Mark felt his life was over...

He'd suffered from back pain for over 60 years now.

Nothing he tried had eased his pain.

Popping painkillers...

Getting expensive massages...

Trying out complex gadgets he didn't even understand.

No matter what he did, the pain hung onto his back with a death grip.

He felt trapped in his own body and felt like a burden — ashamed of what he’d become.

But he didn't know what else to do.

Until one day his wife shocked him...


“Did you order something?” he asked her, while accepting delivery of a rather large package.

"It's a new massage chair I found online! I wanted to surprise you…"

"What? But we've already tried everything… and this must be expensive."

But what happened next changed his life…

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“Ohhh Bo​​y This Feels Incredible… 

It’s Like I’m Floating On A Cloud!”

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The next morning he woke up refreshed, without aches and pains… for the first time in over 6 decades.

All because he got into his new massage chair for 15 minutes...

Letting it release all the tension from his aching body.

But get this…

He didn't have to read any complex user manual or "figure out" how to work his new massage chair…

All he did was press ONE button...


His pain melted away as the chair began working its magic.

To be honest, he hadn’t even checked out any of the "advanced" features yet...

Features such as:

  • Heat therapy
  • Yoga stretching
  • 3D Surround Sound
  • AI powered voice control
  • NASA inspired “Zero Gravity” design

Now I don’t mean to brag but these kinds of results? 

They aren’t rare…

In fact, they’re the norm.

Because after selling 1000s of these chairs, we can say one thing with full confidence:

They work.

So if you’re struggling with chronic back pain or Sciatica…

Or you’ve started feeling stiff and sore after doing things you were able to do before…

Or you just want to relax, watch Netflix and forget about your tiring day at work…

Then Please Read This Page Carefully Till The End…

Because you can ignore this page but you can’t ignore that voice in your head.

The voice that knows you don’t deserve to live in constant pain all the time.

The voice that never allows you to fully relax… 

Because who knows what might happen if you do?

You may get trapped inside a broken, battered body forever…

Depending on others to run your errands, help you out of the car or heck - even tie your shoes!

No one deserves to live like this.

And the good news is - if you read this page till the end - you won’t have to.

Now we’re NOT talking about just another plain old “massage chair”… 

Because you’ll find those a dime a dozen on Amazon or in your local mall.

We’re going to talk about a special kind of massage chair.

Something we've built to help hard working Americans find fast relief from back pain… 

And enjoy a blissful massage right in the comfort of their living room.

The best part?

You get relief regardless of anything you’ve tried before.

I’m talking about physical therapy, acupuncture, stretching… whatever.

And you don’t need prescription meds, chiropractors or life-threatening surgery.

Now if this sounds a little too good to be true, we get it…

But this isn’t a trick to make a quick buck.

Because if it wasn’t for THIS massage chair… 

1000s of our happy customers would still be struggling with body aches and back pain… never to feel such blissful, pain free relaxation.

//Insert TASK 5 here//

But what’s truly incredible about this massage chair is this:

It’s based on an ancient 14th century Japanese ritual… which was specifically used to treat back pain.

Did you know our bodies are self-healing?

All you need to do is remove certain “blockages” to jump-start this process.

Which is a core belief behind this ancient Japanese ritual… and our massage chair.

Think about it for a moment.

We're talking about permanent, natural relief from back pain right from your home.

And it involves this ancient 14th century Japanese ritual.

Now we'll share what this ancient ritual is in just a moment, but check this out first:

The crazy part about all this is NOT the secret ritual or the "self-healing"...

The crazy part is how effective all this is at relieving back pain... and how it works without you having to lift a finger.

Fine, that’s not exactly true…

You’ll still have to take the chair out of the box and plug it in - because there’s ZERO assembly required.

And of course you’ll have to get all comfortably nested in it… 

Pick up the Smart Remote… 

Choose one of the 12 fully-automatic modes…

But honestly, you could even skip ALL that!

Because with Artificial Intelligence, your massage chair is 100% voice controlled.


All You Have To Do Is Unbox The Chair, Jump Right In And…
Experience Bliss!

You’ll feel your pain melt away as the 8 rollers, 28 airbags and 2 carbon-fiber heat pads get to work…

Soothing and untangling years worth of sore muscles and knotted nerves.

Now we don’t know about you but that sounds like a “magic button” to us. And we’d be lying if we said we aren’t damn proud of it…

Because that’s exactly what this massage chair is:

A “Magic Button” That Erases Your Pain And Takes You To Paradise

You don’t even have to press any button since ̧you can ask your AI assistant to press it for you…

Guess then this massage chair just becomes… “magic”.

Now if you’re thinking ALL this luxury, comfort and pain relief will cost you an arm and a leg?

Well, you wouldn’t be wrong…

IF ONLY this was just another massage chair.

But we’re not like the other sellers you see online or at your local mall…

Instead we run a unique business that allows us to save big on costs…

And instead of hoarding all that profit like those faceless mega corporations…

We choose to make this life changing solution accessible to as many Americans as we can.

But that's not the most important part here...

For now, please remember that on this page YOU have the chance to get your own life changing massage chair…

If you act fast.

Because We’ve Run Out Of Chairs 3 Times Already In 2023


500+ massage chairs gone… Just like that.

We also got a ton of complaints last Christmas from people doing last minute gift-shopping. 

//Insert TASK 4 here//

And while it feels fantastic to be able to help out as many Americans as possible…

We also feel guilty for the ones that weren’t able to get their hands on this.

Clearly there’s a market for this kind of massage chair. And after years of engineering, hard work, testing… 

Of course it felt great to sell out.

We’re a small family-run business, not some faceless corporation with infinite funds and manpower…

To us, every single sale counts.

It means hard working Americans get to live pain-free lives… 

While enjoying a heavenly massage in the comfort of their living rooms…

For a throwaway price.

Back in 2019 when we started, we had one goal:

Revolutionize how the average person deals with their back pain and relaxation needs...

In a safe, cost effective manner…

Without relying on painkillers, chiropractors or epidural injections (which do NOT even work).

So More Americans Can Get Back To Living The Pain-Free Life They Deserve

So yeah, it felt great to see stocks running out because it meant people were loving our product. It meant that  it was helping change their lives…

But here’s the problem with that…

It takes time for us to manufacture these special massage chairs.

And while we’re always hounding our warehouse manager to restock fast

Our small team can only make about 60 of these chairs a day. They’d be gone in hours with demand THIS high.

Plus we test each one by hand at our California warehouse to make sure each piece is perfect for you.

We’re not gonna lie, it’s hard telling customers to wait… especially when…

Folks Are Begging For Pain Relief!

And who can blame them?

Especially when our massage chairs can:

✅Melt away back pain, sciatica, soreness and aches almost instantly

✅Relax sore muscles and pinched nerves without you lifting a finger

✅Promote deeper, more refreshing sleep - even if it’s in your new chair!

✅Make you forget you’re in your living room with 3D surround sound audio

✅And in rare cases… even help lower a customer’s blood pressure (not kidding!)

It’s a no brainer. Snag yours while supplies last.

//Keep the yellow highlight, it’s intentional//

REMINDER: this page is now open to the public.

In fact, this massage chair has even been on the news before!

//Insert TASK 7 here//

Which is great, but also a problem…

Because this news appearance is only half of it.

Our email, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo… heck even Bing users can find this page and claim their pain-free, relaxed lives.

So if you’re reading this page, odds are you’re not the only one.

Join the smart Americans who already claimed their special massage chair.

And if our earlier inventory shortages tell us anything?

It’s that we will run out of chairs again. And again.

Maybe even sooner than you think. So you don’t have too long to wait.

Just like Mark didn’t because…

He Felt Trapped Inside His Broken Body

What bothered him wasn't the big things he could no longer do… but the little moments throughout the day such as:

Going for a quick stroll with his wife…

Helping de-weed the local community garden…

Sleeping without pain and discomfort…

He’d started to feel like a burden.

And this was after he had tried almost everything to find the answer.

Supposedly “tried and tested” solutions like physical therapists, stretching and even acupuncture.. 

He’d consulted countless doctors, only to realize how the medical system was completely  broken.

Because the only thing they told him was to “accept it” since he was getting on in age...

Then prescribe a pocketful of pills to numb the pain.

He had also booked appointments with chiropractors…

Which provided some relief, but booking frequent sessions was a headache.

He wasn’t going to ask his wife every single time he needed to go to the chiropractor. He was feeling helpless and guilty as it was.

Not to mention they cost a small fortune with bills running up to 1000s of dollars.

But here’s the most unfortunate bit in Mark’s story:

His suffering wasn’t even his fault.

In fact, none of it was because…

What Most People Understand About Back Pain Is Wrong…

The most common back pain belief is that it comes from “degeneration” - meaning it’s inevitable with old age.

It’s also blamed on all sorts of reasons such as:

❌Poor posture


❌A “weak” core

❌Herniated discs

❌Natural wear & tear

But surprisingly NONE of these are actually the root cause of chronic back pain.

Because the truth is your body is under attack every single day by something much scarier…

In fact, most people don’t even realize it… 

But we’re ALL under attack.

Every single one of us…

Every single day.

And it’s not even your fault... 

You’re not doing anything wrong, because this hidden enemy is entirely unavoidable.

They’re called Trigger Points.

They affect almost everyone and most people have never even heard of them.

They’re more common than slips, falls and car accidents... and can cause devastating damage by flaring up when you least expect it.

That's why if you've ever blamed yourself or wondered what you did wrong…

It's time to stop beating yourself up.

Because there’s no way you could've avoided the stress that trigger points have been putting on your body…

That's because trigger points grow from living your regular modern day life. 

The unavoidable advances in modern technology are battering your body…

So everything you do... from working on your laptop, driving your car, and texting on your phone... is throwing your body out of balance and causing internal damage every minute of every day.

Which wasn’t the case even a hundred years back before we had modern technology.

So even if you've made the best efforts to keep your body healthy, it's still under attack from trigger points…

They’re a tiny patch of tightly knotted muscle tissue.

Imagine a “micro-cramp” which chokes off its own blood supply. This starves the muscle tissue of the oxygen it needs, leading to waste buildup in the cells.

Here’s the kicker though…

They’re arguably the BIGGEST cause of “musculo-skeletal” pain... or in plain English neck, shoulder and back pain.

Because the muscles of the lower back, hips and neck are the most fertile ground for trigger point growth.

And they’re the REAL reason why NONE of the other back pain remedies you’ve tried till now have worked…

Because trigger points don’t show up in medical lab tests or imaging. They also mimic other problems…

So it’s easy for an unsuspecting doctor to mistake them for practically anything else.

Another unique reason is that trigger point pain is not always felt at the same location…

But anywhere else in the body!

This odd condition is called “referred pain”.

And it's likely the explanation why your Sciatica treatment did nothing for your pain.

Because Sciatica is often caused by trigger points in a small but menacing muscle called the Piriformis... 

NOT just by “irritation” of the Sciatic nerve!

No wonder those painkillers didn’t work.

A simple daily massage can target the Piriformis, releasing those stuck trigger points.

But what surprised us the most was that... 

Trigger points are a NEGLECTED area of medicine… because Big Health always had much bigger fish to fry.

So chronic pain with no obvious case is actually an unstudied epidemic.

Most doctors don't know how to treat trigger points properly... not that many of them have even tried. 

That's why they're trigger happy with their bazookas to kill a mouse…  

By prescribing strong drugs, epidural injections and life-threatening surgery... for something the body can heal on its own!

Not that physical therapists or chiropractors are any better…

Because their main focus remains on faulty joints, misalignments and postural corrections.

That's not to say these professionals are not important to your general well being… but they do NOT have the answers to the root cause of your back pain.

THIS is the reason why everything you’ve tried before has NOT worked and frankly never will.

So what’s the everyday American suffering from back pain supposed to do?

There’s a specific “medical intervention” for trigger points called Trigger Point Therapy…

But it involves STABBING your painful trigger points with injections to force them into submission...


And it’s only experimental right now, and often fails to provide relief.

So let’s ditch that and focus on something much simpler…

Heated massage provides immense relief for these trigger points. And believe us, nothing is more satisfying than a good trigger point rub.

Which brings up the next problem…

How do you choose from the endless variety of massages you can get to target these trigger points?

Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Thai, Hot Stone…?

The answer lies in the ancient Japanese secret we mentioned right at the start…

It Relieves Pain, Relaxes You And Leaves You Feeling Fresh As New!

Shiatsu massage therapy is a millennia old tradition from Japan.

Developed by the Samurai in 14th century Japan, it's one of the most popular alternative pain-relief solutions today.

The word Shiat-Su means finger-pressure.

But it's much more than just “acupressure”... it includes stretching and kneading that work on the muscles, tissues and joints.

Which makes it one of a kind and ideal for soothing trigger points.

It helps release the “knots” in your muscle fibers and promotes better blood circulation...

Which provides oxygen to your sore muscles and erases those trigger points within minutes!


Researchers also found that it lowered inflammatory “cytokines” in the muscle cells…

And it promotes the release of serotonin and dopamine, the “feel-good” chemicals in the brain...

Shiatsu massage melts away your back pain and makes you feel like you’re on cloud 9.

Here are some benefits of the Shiatsu massage style:

  1. Reduce Muscle & Joint Tension:
    While most massages focus on muscles, Shiatsu covers joints and connective tissue. This extra step allows the Shiatsu style to provide the relief you need.
  2. Improved Mobility:
    The pulsing and vibrational style of massage increases blood flow and mobility in the back, feet, and legs.
  3. Better Blood Circulation:
    Through deep kneading and rolling, it opens up the body and enhances circulation throughout the muscle groups. 
  4. More Refreshing Sleep:
    It indirectly boosts melatonin production, leading to deeper, more refreshing sleep.
  5. Reduced Stress & Anxiety:
    It puts your body in a state of relaxation, leading to reduced levels of stress hormone in the blood.
  6. You Feel Like A New Person:
    Massages put your body in the “parasympathetic” state, a.k.a. the “rest & digest” mode, allowing for better digestion, happier and calmer moods, and decreased pain and soreness.

Now if this sounds too good to be true, it’s because it kind of is…

A single full body Shiatsu massage by a trained masseuse costs up to $200 per hour!

And if you’re someone with chronic back pain who needs more than one session a week?

Yup, you need to be careful…

Because that’ll dry up your savings account real quick.

So what does the average person do? 

The answer lies in this special massage chair we’ve built…

Which marries this ancient Japanese massage therapy with cutting-edge 21st century technology.

When It Comes To Massage Chairs, Choose Wisely…

Sure you can get a cheap one at your local mall. Maybe you’ve even tried it out…

Feels great, right?

But let me warn you…

//Insert TASK 8.A here//

They’re cheap knockoffs that’ll cost $1,000 or more… and give you nothing in return.

What’s worse is you may injure your back with their hacky “techniques” and slipshod design.

Not to mention they’re made out of this cheap plastic that sticks to your arms and legs… 

And makes that annoying, crinkling sound when you try to get in or out…

Not the most relaxing feeling in the world now is it?

But on the other side we have these super-premium, deluxe massage chairs.

//Insert TASK 8.B here//

Now to be honest, these things get the job done. But they have a different problem…

They’re marked up 10x (or more) - means you pay 1000s of dollars extra for nothing in return.

Because those “premium” features do nothing for your pain relief or relaxation needs…

But do everything to fatten the pockets of the company that makes these chairs.

Of course, the asking price for these “luxury chairs” STARTS at $10,000!

They're overpriced beyond any common sense.

This is the biggest reason we decided to build our own massage chair.

To beat these “luxury chair” companies...

Bring the joys of instant relief and relaxation to more Americans who cannot afford to waste $10,000 on a chair...

But still deserve a chair that soothes their pain, relaxes them and feels as premium as the $10,000 chairs… without breaking the bank.

You need something you can depend on.

So what’s the answer?

A New Generation Of Comfortable & Affordable
Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Chairs

The Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair will help unlock your body's self healing ability…

So you feel younger, stronger and pain free every day.

//Insert TASK 11

It marries 21st century technology with 14th century Japanese techniques... to get you back to your happy life.

It provides a full-body, deep-tissue Shiatsu massage...

Along with soothing heat therapy... a “Zero Gravity” design... Bluetooth 3D Surround Sound... and intelligent voice control...

For a fraction of the price of those $10,000 “luxury” chairs.

Experience your pain melt away as you slip into a blissful state of relaxation, right in your living room.

Without lifting a finger…

And without any side effects, expensive chiropractors or life-threatening surgeries.

It achieves all this through its intricate network of 4 back rollers, 28 airbags, countless automatic sensors and a 53-inch “SL” track.

These allow it to:

  • Release muscle tension
  • Smooth out muscle knots
  • Melt away pain through heat therapy
  • Auto-detect the best shoulder positioning
  • Make you feel "weightless" - the ultimate relaxation experience
  • Massage your entire back while mimicking the hands of an expert Shiatsu masseuse

So you can finally say goodbye to back pain, muscle soreness, tension and fatigue…

And start living your life to the fullest again.

In fact, our customers say they can't wait to get into their Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair after a long day at work...

It's the "best part of their day".

And many have shared how they got so relaxed they fell asleep... in their Relaxe Chair.

As far as proof goes, it doesn’t get any better than this!

It’s also the ONLY massage chair in the world under $10,000 to offer a “53 inch SL-Track”...

Which means it massages your entire spine.

So you can get a full-body Shiatsu massage on demand.

And this includes your hands and feet… which feel fantastic by the way.

Now this may sound a bit too fancy or complicated...

So let me assure you that you barely have to lift a finger to get all these benefits.

There are no complex settings to “figure out”...

No 100 page instruction manuals to study...

Because the Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair works straight out of the box…

All you need to do is unpack, plug and jump right in!

And while you’ll love the smart remote that comes with your chair... 

We're certain you’ll soon forget where you kept it.

Because your AI assistant, Alice, will take care of ALL your massaging needs.

So get in, plug some soothing music on your Surround Sound system and ask Alice to get the good times going.

//Insert TASK 15 here - left side copy, right side pic//

You can order your own Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair today... 100% RISK FREE with our best-in-industry, “365 days try at home” guarantee.

And even after shipping over 1000s of massage chairs to happy customers, we’ve NEVER had a single return. Not even once!

And you know we’re damn proud of it.

This isn’t even counting the 3 years guarantee we provide on top.

THAT’s how confident we are in our massage chair.

We want more Americans to try out the Relaxe Massage Chair - with zero risk - and finally get the relief they deserve.

Now there’s one big difference between us and those other companies trying to sell you "luxury" chairs…

Which makes us the ONLY company in this market doing what we’re doing...

But we’ll come to that in a minute.

First we want to say that if all this sounds a little “too good to be true”?

If it makes you think “yeah sure, but there’s gotta be a catch… ”

Then IGNORE everything you've read till now and...

Listen To What 1000s Of Happy Americans Have To Say About The Chair That “Gave Them Their Life Back”...

//Insert TASK 2.B here - pick 1 of the 3 videos (different from the one used in the headline//

//Subtext to the video:// 

These are unedited, unfiltered testimonials from REAL customers, NOT actors.

//H3: but keep the font color black// 

“This Gave Me My Life Back…”

//insert this video from the website:// 

“It’s Like A Full-Body Spa Experience In Your Living Room..”

//insert this video from the website:// 

‘Law Enforcement Approved!”

//insert this video from the website:// 

“No More Stiff Back… One Day After Surgery?!”

//insert TASK 9 here// 

“One Chair Wasn’t Enough!”

//insert this video from the website:// 

//Insert 3-5 of your BEST text testimonials (from the website)//

//insert TASK 5 here// 

Listen, you don't deserve to be in pain…

Please don’t believe the lie that pain is just a part of getting older.

With the Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair, you can protect your body from future flare ups. So you can stop being afraid and hyper-vigilant when living your life. 

Now let us show you inside - this is everything you’re about to receive with your Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair:

Key Features Of The Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair

[SPECIALITY] “Healing” Shiatsu Massage

Discover a pain free life by unlocking your body's natural self-healing powers...

Built by a team of medical engineers, the Relaxe Massage Chair offers a true-to-life Shiatsu massage experience...

This is possible through its intricate network of:

  • 8 rollers
  • 28 airbags
  • Countless sensors
  • A foot massage roller
  • A “Yoga stretch” mode
  • 2 carbon-fiber heating pads
  • Auto shoulder detect mechanism

These are strategically placed at the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, feet, upper & lower back... for the most heavenly sensation of comfort and pain relief.

The rollers and airbags use a mixture of kneading & rolling to rub out those pesky trigger points...

While the Yoga stretch mode not only stretches you like those “luxury” massage chairs, but also gently twists your entire body from side to side...

It's like having your very own Shiatsu masseuse at home.

One-touch “Zero Gravity” Design

Experience the joy of a soothing massage while "floating in space"...

Inspired by NASA's "Zero Gravity" Posture, your Relaxe Chair has 3 custom angles of incline... all geared towards providing you the most heavenly massage ever.

[Premium] Full-Body Coverage

The Relaxe Chair is one of the ONLY sub-$10,000 massage chairs that offers TRUE full-body coverage.

The 53-inch "SL" track fits the curve of the full body...

So you can trace your neck down to your thighs to ensure a larger massage range. It also provides a yoga stretching function to relax and ease muscles in the entire body.

Fully Automatic, 12-Mode “Dual Massage” Mechanism

The Relaxe Chair offers a synchronized “dual-massage” system... 28 airbags and 8 massage rollers work in sync to provide you a 100% custom massage experience with:

  • 12 fully-automatic modes
  • 5 manual massage modes
  • 5 adjustable speeds
  • 3 adjustable widths
  • 3 adjustable air pressure intensities

You can use your Smart Remote to customize your massage. Or you can make it much simpler by asking your AI assistant Alice to customize it for you.

Premium Heat Therapy

Melt away pain, sooth your trigger points and promote better blood circulation... with the gentle warmth from 2 premium, carbon-fiber heating pads.

//Edit the bottom half to remove the “12 automatic massage functions” - ONLY highlight the heat therapy// 

User-Friendly Remote

Cut the guesswork out of your relaxation with our easy-to-use Smart Remote. It comes with a well lit Full-HD color display... so you can instantly access everything in your Relaxe Chair.

[Space-Age Tech!] Hands Free Control: Personal AI Assistant

Experience a pain-free life without lifting a finger with Alice, your AI assistant… Her job is to make it so easy for you to use your Relaxe Chair... that you forget where you kept the Smart Remote!

3D Surround-Sound Audio

Hum to your favorite tunes as you drift into bliss with our 3D Surround-Sound Audio. Powered by Bluetooth, TF and USB... you'll never be music-free while getting your favorite massage.

Automatic Shoulder Detection

Experience the difference with a chair that adjusts to fit you perfectly. Its array of sensors enable automatic detection for the perfect shoulder fit. This enables your Relax Massage Chair to give a massage that leaves you wanting more.

Adjustable Frame For “Any Size” Fit

Everyone gets to enjoy a relaxing massage with a retractable frame that adapts to different heights... The footrest can extend to accommodate an individual up to 6 feet.

(Recommended height is 4.9 - 6.2 feet and up to 330 pounds.)


Your Relaxe Chair is built with “space-saving” technology. It only needs to be 2 inches away from the wall to operate. The most space it needs after stretching is 14 square feet.

Best-In-Class Trial & Warranty

Order today, risk free knowing you’re covered by our 365 day “try at home” trial policy. We’re so confident you will love your chair, we’re offering you a full year to try it in the comfort of your home.

Get a full refund (less return cost of shipping) — no questions asked. This is the most extensive trial guarantee in the entire massage chair industry.

You Relaxe Chair is also 100% tested for performance and reliability before shipping... with a rock-solid 3-year warranty.

World-Class VIP Support

We know it’s not technically a “feature”, but we’ve received SO MUCH praise about our team, we decided to throw this in as well!

Our customers say it better than we ever could:

“Feels like buying from your local store where you know the owner and you trust they will give you the best deal. So personal.”

“...Kyle who has been in touch with me via text since I placed my order, communicating delivery updates and shipping times. I feel like high-touch customer service like this should be everywhere. Relaxe hits it out of the park in this regard, I am recommending them to everyone I know for this reason.

“The biggest benefit through ordering from Relaxe has been the super-speedy customer service. They are available pretty much 24/7 and Natalie has been so helpful with accommodations.

[EASE OF USE] Portable & Ready To Use… Straight Out of the Box!

Your massage chair arrives ready to go. There’s no assembly required… you can start using it right away. It also has built-in wheels at the bottom which make shifting it around the house a breeze.

Easy as 1… 2… 3!

You don’t need to be a “gadget” person to use your Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair. Three simple steps and you’ll be up and running:

//Insert TASK 10 here// 

Now even though you’ll never need it...

Every Relaxe Chair comes with a detailed user guide to walk you through all the ins-and-outs…

And our world class, VIP customer support team is a phone call away. You can call them at any time, Monday-Saturday from 9AM-5PM PST.

They’re always ready to help make your life easier.

Full Service “Luxury” Massage Chairs Such As This Retail For At Least $10,000…

//Insert TASK 8.C here// 

And don't forget all the money you'll save on medical bills, doctor's visits, prescription drugs and possible surgery.

Which would likely total up into the 1000s of dollars…

Not to mention the $200 an hour Shiatsu massages that would easily cost upwards of $50,000 over a lifetime!

Think what you could do with all that extra cash...

Maybe take a vacation you always dreamed of. It's totally up to you…

Because right now you have the chance to live a pain free, relaxed life with better mobility.

But most of all, you have a chance to secure your independence for years to come.

Because that’s not what you’ll have to pay… not even close.

We have a unique advantage at Relaxe which allows us to offer you a massive discount...

Only if you buy through THIS page.

And I’ll share the price for your very own Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair in just a minute but first you need to remember…

We’re Offering These Massage Chairs on a 100% First-Come, First-Served Basis

We'd like to help as many people as possible enjoy the peace of mind that only comes from owning your own Relaxe Chair.

Imagine all the ways your chair is going to help you…

You’ll wake up for the first time without aches and pains.

You’ll relax in your personal “spa-at-home”.

You’ll be pain-free to return to the hobbies you love.

You’ll be able to watch Netflix while getting massaged (though you might fall asleep!).

You’ll have your personal, on demand “professional Shiatsu masseuse” at a fraction of the cost.

But the unfortunate truth is...

Not everyone who wants one of these massage chairs will be able to get one.

Get your order in now, while they’re still stocked and ready to ship.

And in the interest of full disclosure…

Not Everyone Can Afford A Shiatsu Massage Chair

But Those Who Can, Can’t Stop Talking About it!

There was only 1 “problem” that we ran into with our massage chairs last time…

It’s that many of our customers wanted to pay for it a little bit at a time, instead of making one payment up front.

And we get it… so we’re going to do exactly that.

You can pay over time - up to 36 months of financing - with payments as low as $106/month.

Select "Affirm" at checkout. 

Or select "Shop Pay" to pay in 4 interest-free installments.

We will ship your massage chair right away, including ALL the free gifts... so you can start your new pain-free life immediately.

At Relaxe we believe…

Self Reliance Shouldn’t be “Out of Reach” for Everyday Americans

No one should be denied a pain-free life simply because they couldn't afford it.

And most Americans don’t have $5,000, $10,000, or $25,000 laying around to spend on a massage chair…

Even one as valuable as the Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair... which can make your life pain-free almost overnight.

Without expensive massages…

Without dangerous painkillers…

Without risky, costly and terrifying surgery.

Even if you’ve tried acupuncture, yoga, stretches, inversion tables… whatever.

Not that we’re going to ask for that much.

//Insert TASK 6 here//

Most other massage chairs sell for way too much and barely have any extra features... or the ones they do are useless in easing your pain.

But we want as many people as possible to get the peace of mind that comes with the Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair.

And no matter how you pay…

We’ll ship your entire package to you right away.

So you can start enjoying it - and the peace of mind that comes with a pain-free existence - right away.

Yes, we know that offering monthly payments and FREE gifts is crazy.

And at the very least… It's generous.

But to be frank… you deserve it.

Because as we said before, no one should suffer in pain…

Especially when the best solution to a pain-free life is right there in front of your eyes. And wouldn't it feel amazing to have your family, friends and neighbors argue over who gets to sit on it next?

We’ve heard this story many times!

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to grab your Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair (and all your FREE gifts) now.

//CTA Area #1:

Insert TASK13.

Insert BIG, bright and contrasting “Add To Cart” button.

Do NOT reveal the price here.

Insert “I understand that my purchase is 100% RISK FREE with the 365 days "try at home" guarantee” right below the button.

Refer to this page for layout. Search “holds your family together”.//

//Keep the yellow highlight// 

UPDATE: This Deal Just Got Even Better!

Claim Your Relaxe Massage Chair NOW &
Get 5 FREE Bonus Gifts - Including FREE Shipping & Handling

Now let me remind you that most of our competitors do NOT do this…

Because they feel they don’t need to.

But we want to help as many Americans as we can live pain-free lives.

So to make this deal truly irresistible for you…

You’ll Get 5 Free Bonus Gifts With Your
Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair

You’ll get a special FREE bonus gift package that is the perfect complement to your massage chair.

These aren’t cheap throwaways either.

This is a collection of our BEST SELLING massage accessories worth a whopping $779. Valuable, highly sought-after items that our customers go gaga over…

And we know you will enjoy using these everyday.

First up…

//H3: but keep the font color same as H1 - this applies for ALL 5 “free gift” headings//

//Insert TASK 12: foot massager pics. 

In the format on this page - left side copy, right side image.

Search for: “FREE Gift #2:” on this page to see the reference layout//

FREE Gift #1: Relaxe Shiatsu Foot Massager ($150 value)

Get America's favorite foot massager for FREE!

Give your feet the gift of relief with the Relaxe Shiatsu Foot Massager. Receive a soothing deep tissue massage with techniques that target key pressure points and help reduce stress on your foot.

Put it under your desk at work or take it along for on-to-go massage relief.

Here’s what you get with your FREE foot massager:

✅7 Massage Modes: 4 auto and 3 manual modes for total relief.

✅Full Foot Coverage: target your toes, heel, arch, sole, and calves!

✅Remote Control: enjoy a hands-free massage experience.

✅Noiseless: sit back, relax and enjoy a quiet massage anywhere.

But there’s more…

//Insert TASK 12: neck massager pics. Same format as above//

FREE Gift #2: Relaxe Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Pillow ($50 value)

The perfect companion for your FREE Relaxe Shiatsu Foot Massager.

Many of our customers say the two work “hand-in-hand” to save them countless hours of pain and expensive therapy sessions.

It’s ultra-portable, has a long cord and can be adapted to any part of your body… for the times where you want a quick massage in bed or in your car.

Here’s what you get with your FREE neck & back massager pillow:

✅Delux: top-quality black vegan leather which is gorgeous to look at and a breeze to clean. 

✅Durable: double netted exterior for extra durability.

✅Long cord: use it in bed, office or even your car!

✅4 Deep-Kneading Nodes: 100% adaptable to any body part and change direction every 60 seconds to mimic the hands of a real masseuse.

✅Adjustable Straps: fits your chair or your car seat.

✅Multi-purpose: use it for extra cushioning or massage your shoulders, legs, calves, lower back, and belly.

✅Simple To Use: one-button design.

✅100% Safe: automatically turns off after 20 minutes of use and prevents overheating.

These two free gifts along with your Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair are everything you need to experience a pain free and relaxed life.

But wait, you’ll also get…

//Insert Yoga course pic from the website. Same format as above//

FREE Gift #3: Pain-Relief Yoga Course ($79 value)

Learn the shortcuts to better blood circulation, energy increase and pain relief with over 2 hours of exclusive content. 

Combine these ancient yoga techniques with your massages for the ultimate relief routine!

This is our world-famous, pain relief yoga course - and today it’s yours, for FREE.

Next, you’ll also get...

//Insert TASK 12: savings certificate pic. Same format as above//

FREE Gift #4: A $100 Savings Certificate

You’ll also get a FREE $100 Savings Certificate that you can redeem on any future purchase with us. You could even give it to a friend or loved one.

That’s what we call an incredible deal!

And it’s the right thing to do because we want you to live a pain free, comfortable life. This $100 Savings Certificate is just a little something extra to help you get there.

Last but not least, you'll get...

//Insert TASK 12: free shipping & handling pic. Same format as above//

FREE Gift #5: Shipping and Handling ($400 value)

You’ll get FREE shipping on your Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair and ALL of your bonus items.

It’s not cheap to ship an item this valuable (plus all the FREE gifts we’re going to throw in).

But you deserve it for becoming a loyal customer.

And frankly, we want to do it for you.

I know that’s a big bunch of FREE gifts... 

But we’re strong believers in enabling more Americans to live pain free lives they can enjoy.

And with this comprehensive gift package, we can rest a little easier... knowing that you are living the life you deserve,

Now “Luxury” Massage Chairs Such As This Retail For Over $10,000…

While that’s expensive, it’s nothing compared to the monthly costs of chiropractor appointments, prescription meds or the $200 per hour Shiatsu massages.

And yes, we know people who can afford it happily pay that much money for relief…

But we also know at that price there are a lot of people who get left out. And we can’t bear the thought of leaving anyone in pain.

So we’ve built the Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair to ensure everyday Americans can live pain free lives… 

While getting INFINITE Shiatsu massages at home.

Just imagine the money you’d save… 

Not to mention the relief you’d experience with your personal Shiatsu masseuse… available at any time of the day. For as long as you need. 

That’s why we’re pricing the Relaxe Massage Chair as low as we possibly can… 

While still keeping the lights on in our offices in Newark.

We know you’re eager to get started and break free from pain right where you're sitting…

So just click the “Add to Cart” button below and we’ll add the Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair and ALL the FREE bonuses to your order right away.

Yes! I Want To Live A Pain-Free, Relaxed Life & Get 5 Free Gifts

//CTA Area #2:

Insert TASK14.

Reveal the price in this format: search “you save $1,190.79 by purchasing” on this page for layout

Copy for the price reveal is below: please bold ONLY what I’ve done//

Retail Price for a Shiatsu Massage Chair $9,663

Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair (Special price) $5,330

Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair (TODAY’S PRICE) $2,899

FREE Relaxe Shiatsu Foot Massager $150

FREE Relaxe Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Pillow $50

FREE Pain-Relief Yoga Course $79

FREE $100 Savings Certificate $100

FREE Shipping & Handling $400

Total Value: $10,442

Your Price: $2,899

That's right... you SAVE a whopping $7,543 off the retail price by purchasing on this page!

//CTA Area #2 (continued):

Insert BIG, bright and contrasting “Add To Cart” button.

Insert: “Add to cart - for only $2,899”

Insert: “Start as low as $106/mo with Affirm”

Insert: “I understand my purchase is 100% RISK FREE with the 365 days "try at home" guarantee”//

We’re often asked how we can offer our Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair for such a price…

The answer is simple: we cut out the middlemen.

Traditionally, massage chairs were not made for online shopping.

So they are always marked up by several thousand dollars...

Because they’re transported from factories to warehouses to showrooms to customers... and shipping large items is expensive!

We eliminate the hassle of showrooms and retail locations, passing the savings to you

Yes! This is the SAME HIGH QUALITY "luxury" massage chair that costs over $10,00 anywhere else — for a fraction of the cost.

And there’s one more thing...

An Outrageous “Try At Home” Guarantee So This is 100% Risk FREE for You

Since you should be 100% happy with your purchase or you shouldn’t pay a penny…

You’ll get an iron-clad money-back guarantee with your purchase. In fact, it’s the BEST guarantee in the entire massage chair industry!

That way there’s absolutely ZERO risk to you for trying out this massage chair for yourself. Because you’re protected the entire time.

//Put this text in a box//

//Insert TASK 15 here - in this format.

Search for: “Your Generator Comes With a 100% Money-Back Guarantee” to see the reference layout//

Your Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair Comes With a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your purchase is protected by a no-questions asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Try your massage chair in your home for a full year

Put it to the test! Try all 17 massage modes. Check out all 3 Zero-Gravity angles. Get a full-body Shiatsu massage…

Get to know your massage chair and what it can do for you. If it doesn't do everything we said it does or if you're unsatisfied for any reason, return it. You’ll get your money back (less cost of return shipping), no questions asked.

We’ve NEVER had a single return request… and we’ve sold over 1000s of these chairs. Just saying.

//Close the text box here//

On top of that we offer a 3-year warranty for performance and reliability.

So if you’re not sure what to do... the smartest thing is to claim your Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair today.

Try it out, and if any problems come up in the next year, just send it back.

You literally cannot lose.

And if you act now, you’ll get something FREE that most companies charge an arm and leg for. Simply to prove how much confidence we have in our product.

You’ll also get VIP customer support for the life of your Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair.

Our customer service team is made up of real people – Americans.

Natalie, Kyle and the others are eager to help you get comfortable with your new massage chair... as effortlessly as possible.

We truly care about you and your purchase, and we are willing to stand behind that promise. In our view, that’s part of doing business the ethical way. The American way.

Click the button below now.

//CTA Area #3:

Insert TASK 14

Insert BIG, bright and contrasting “Add To Cart” button.

Insert: “Add to cart - for only $2,899”

Insert: “Start as low as $106/mo with Affirm”

Insert: “I understand my purchase is 100% RISK FREE with the 365 days "try at home" guarantee”//

Now don't worry…

There's no pressure to claim your Relax Shiatsu Massage Chair. In fact, if you don't want it you can step aside. No hard feelings.

There are plenty of people dead set on unlocking their pain-free life right now. 

People who see the need to act fast, before being caught off guard by a medical emergency.

And please don't think you can get this massage chair with all your FREE gifts worth $779 anywhere else

You can't.

Because Here’s the Thing...

You can only get this offer, the payment plan and your FREE bonus gifts if you claim them on THIS page. Right now.

These massage chairs are extremely popular.

They’re famous for their Shiatsu massages, full-body coverage… and for selling out. We don’t know how long these “magic massage chairs” will be in stock.

There’s only a handful of units remaining in our current run.

We don’t want you to lose out on this deal. That’s why you need to click the big “Add to Cart” button now so we can fill your order right away.

Have peace of mind knowing you’re just one simple step away from living your pain-free life.

No more chronic back pain, no more expensive massages and no more talk of “corrective surgery”. Ever.

Click the button below to give yourself the gift of relief:

YES! I Want a Pain Free & Relaxed Life… along with $779 Worth of FREE Gifts

//CTA Area #3//

Hassle Free Shipping & World-Class VIP Support

All that’s left to be done is to order your pain-relief companion in these 3 easy steps:

  1. Click the Add To Cart button.
  2. Fill out your details.
  3. Securely submit your information and complete the payment.


After you place your order, shipping and installation is a breeze…

You’ll receive an order confirmation via email. And someone from our VIP customer support team will get in touch with you via text to keep you updated on your delivery. 

You’ll also receive a tracking number within 72 hours and your chair will be at your doorstep within 5 days. Look out for a call or text from our shipping carrier closer to your delivery date.

//Insert the below testimonials regarding customer support.

Search for “I Kept My Family From Shivering” to check the reference format on this page//

“Feels like buying from your local store where you know the owner and you trust they will give you the best deal. So personal.” -  Tushar Mishra

“...Kyle who has been in touch with me via text since I placed my order, communicating delivery updates and shipping times. I feel like high-touch customer service like this should be everywhere. Relaxe hits it out of the park in this regard, I am recommending them to everyone I know for this reason.” - Zoey Kovacek

“The biggest benefit through ordering from Relaxe has been the super-speedy customer service. They are available pretty much 24/7 and Natalie has been so helpful with accommodations.” - Carlie Richards

//End of customer support testimonials//

Picture This in Your Mind… Because it’s Important

Your doorbell rings and it’s your new Relax Shiatsu Massage Chair.

You ask the delivery person to keep the box in your living room, then as soon as he leaves… you tear open the package.

You know it’s ready to go right out of the box!

So you plug it in to your closest socket and get right in.

The best part is you don’t even have to “figure” anything out….

You can simply ask your AI assistant to start a full-body Shiatsu massage, turn up the heat and go into full “Zero Gravity” mode…

And boy ohhh boy…

//Insert TASK 16 here: happy version//

It’s like you’re floating on a cloud!

While expert hands massage your aching muscles…

You feel the stiffness in your entire body slowly melt away…  as a deep sense of relaxation washes over you.

Honestly, you’d long forgotten that such comfort and relaxation even existed.

Now it’s clear that the Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair is an incredibly valuable product.

But don’t take our word for it. Instead listen to these…

Rave Reviews From Our Customers

To date we’ve gotten nearly 2,000 reviews back from customers who have a Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair and love it!

//Insert MORE testimonials.

Mix both text reviews and video. Format as already done above.

Text - pick big ones from the website NOT already used above. Video testimonials from this link//

Are You Still On The Fence?

If you’re reading this and thinking “this is too good to be true”... then we absolutely understand your skepticism.

But as we said, we’re just a bunch of hard working Americans like you…

On a mission to bring deluxe pain-relief and relaxation to more people at an affordable price.

And our unique “online only” model helps us make these massage chairs for a fraction of the price…  then we choose to pass most of those savings to YOU.

So you can finally get the pain-free life you deserve.

That’s it… there’s no other “hidden catch” over here.

Or maybe you think your case is “special” and our massage chair won’t be able to help you?

Honestly we can’t really comment on that…

But we can comment on this with 100% certainty:

Our Shiatsu Massage Chairs have helped 1000s of people go from being in chronic pain to being pain free.

The Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair is the next best thing to getting a live Shiatsu massage.

So if it’s worked for 1000s of people - including a few who’ve had back pain for over 60 years…

It’ll likely work for you too.

//Insert any 3 video testimonials from this link//

Trust me, we’ve seen this happen so many times now we’ve lost count.

The Relaxe Massage Chair works even if you’ve already tried everything else on the market… and failed.

We’re talking about allegedly “tried and tested” methods such as:

Physical therapists, stretching, painkillers and even acupuncture.

And based on the mountain of evidence we’ve shared? 

This massage chair IS the key to reclaiming your life from chronic, devastating pain.

Look, You've Come to a Fork in the Road…

You have two life changing options in front of you right now.

Option one - you do nothing.

Maybe your pain isn't that bad yet… or maybe you're able to manage it with pills, adjustments or injections. That's alright, but you should know it’ll only get worse.

The pills, injections and everything else are like a bandaid covering up a wound…

A wound that might soon become impossible to fix, unless you do something about it right now.

Because if you don't, you could end up at the surgeon’s table… 

//Insert TASK 16 here: nightmare version//

Meaning 1000s of dollars in bills, intolerable pain, even more pills and a long recovery without a guarantee for permanent relief.

That's not even counting everything you'll be forced to miss because back pain prevents you from going or even leaving the house.

You don't deserve to live like that.

Depending on others to run your errands, help you out of the car or heck - even tying your shoes can make you feel like a prisoner in your own body.

We’re here to tell you that you deserve to be pain free. To live the life you want, especially as you age and your independence becomes more important than ever.

But what if you make a different choice?

What if you listen to the voice inside you that knows you don’t deserve to live in pain anymore?

Imagine what it’s like to wake up after a restful night of sleep without aching stiffness. To feel useful and flexible as you go about your day. Not being afraid to do the things you love.

All because you now have the ability  to take care of yourself.

Or coming home to a relaxing massage every evening after work. Where you don't even have to lift a finger. And you can lounge in your massage chair for as long as you like.

That's why it's time for you to take charge.

//Insert TASK 16 here: happy version//

You’ve read till here for a reason…

So don’t waste another precious moment. 

We know you're tired of being a prisoner in your own body. And don't forget you're protected by our 365 days money-back guarantee.

So you have nothing to lose, except missing out on more quality, pain free years of your life.


Don't delay and click the big orange “Add to Cart” button now:

//CTA Area #3//

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still here reading this, let us answer some of the most common questions we receive… and some of you may be thinking of right now:

Will I really get almost instant pain-relief with the Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair?


The Relaxe Massage Chair unlocks the body’s self healing power using Shiatsu massage techniques. This helps with near instant relief and a deep sense of relaxation.

As you can see, it works even if you’ve had back pain for over 60 years!

And you don't need to take pills, injections or book expensive massages.

How will I know if the Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair will work for me?

On top of the reviews we've already shared... here's another big batch of happy customers who're living pain free lives because of their Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair:

//Insert a BIG, collapsible block of testimonials - include a ton of text reviews. Plus whatever video reviews are remaining from this link//

Is the Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair really covered by a money-back 365 days “try at home” guarantee?


Your Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair comes with a no-questions asked, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 

You’re free to try your massage chair in your home for a full year.

Get to know your massage chair and what it can do for you. If it doesn't do everything we said it does or if you're unsatisfied for any reason, return it. You’ll get your money back (less cost of return shipping), no questions asked.

We’ve sold over a 1000 of these chairs and we’ve NEVER had a single return. 

I have to think about it. Will I get a chance to get the Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair later?

We’d love to tell you that you do, but the honest answer is we don’t know…

As we’ve said before, we’ve run out stock 3x already in 2023 - and THIS page is now live to the public again.

Once we run out of stock, we can’t promise how long it'll take to get a fresh batch in... these chairs and the craftsmanship they demand takes time to produce.

Don't forget the big stack of FREE bonus gifts…

Those are only available till the current batch lasts - and if you buy through this page.

So the real question is - can you put a timer on gifting yourself a pain free life?

This sounds amazing… I’m in! What do I do next?

YES! Click the “Add To Cart” button below, enter your details and order your Relax Shiatsu Massage Chair right now:

//CTA Area #3//

— fin. —