Health Benefits of Foot Massage & Reflexology

Although massage and reflexology have been around for centuries, many people are unaware of why you should make massage sessions a regular part of their lives. In today's article, we'll discuss the differences between reflexology and foot massage, the benefits of massage therapy, and how it can help you deal with different health conditions. So start reading now to see why every one of us should own a foot massager at home. 

How Does Reflexology Differ from a Foot Massage?

Foot reflexology is a concept that dates back to ancient culture. This form of alternative therapy targets specific reflex points on your foot that are connected with different body parts. The reflexology treatment focuses not only on the soft tissues but also applies pressure to these target points across the entire body. There are over 7,000 nerve endings on your foot, and reflexology treatment finds a way to associate these nerves with organs, etc. 

Conventional foot massage therapy has a slightly different approach. It focuses on applying pressure with different types of motions on the soft tissues on the entire foot, and also around the foot. Regular massages are very beneficial and can be an excellent alternative treatment for muscle soreness, joint pain, stiffness, tiredness, etc. There are different types of massages you can opt for, depending on your wishes and needs. For example, a deep massage traditionally targets the deeper tissues with kneading and stroking motions. On the other hand, a soft tissue massage takes a gentle approach in targeting the soft tissues of your feet, including the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, etc. You can also massage your feet by applying a circular motion and pressure in the painful areas for a few minutes.

The good news is that you can enjoy the potential benefits of a daily foot massage in the warmth of your home. These days there are many foot massagers you can get and avoid paying for expensive frequent sessions with professionals. For example, getting a foot roller means getting rid of sore, tired, tense muscles, increasing the mobility and flexibility of your feet. If you're not sure you want to learn how to do foot massage, you can take the easy way out. This means purchasing an electric foot & leg massager that will do all the work instead of you. The type of foot massage will depend on the device you'll get, so take a look at the specifics before adding it to your cart. 

Unexpected Health Benefits of Foot Massage & Reflexology

Did you know that you can enjoy many benefits of foot massages without even having to pay a professional? Thankfully, you can use a massager at home and deal with pain, tiredness, soreness, swelling, and much more. Here are the most common benefits you should know about:

Regulates Blood Pressure

Even a quick, few-minute massage can lower your blood pressure. High blood pressure is a common modern disease among men and women, and getting massages is a natural way to treat it. 

Helps with Poor Circulation

If you're struggling with poor blood circulation and cold feet, a massage is the way to go. Because of a sedentary lifestyle, most of us don't move enough and are left sitting in an office chair for hours per day. This can have a negative effect on your blood vessels and lead to poor circulation and swelling. Thankfully, regular massaging will stimulate proper blood flow and lymph circulation and will help fight inflammation. 

Increase in Endorphins

Did you know that regular foot massages can make you happier? These chemicals are the ones that make you happier and promote a well-balanced mood. According to scientific evidence, there is a significant increase in endorphins after a massage, so you'll feel happier and calmer. In addition, massage is a form of anti-stress therapy and can help people deal with anxiety. Getting a foot spa massager should be the next thing on your list if you feel stressed out and worried all the time. Imagine filling your foot bath with warm water, adding massaging oils, and waiting for the massager to do its magic. This soothing experience will also release endorphins and help you forget about hectic everyday life. 

Deals with Foot Pain

Massaging your feet will not only help with pain but will stimulate your brain to modify its response to pain. In other words, your mind won't perceive pain as before, and you'll have a much milder response. 

Great for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women often struggle with swollen feet due to poor blood circulation and fluid retention. Getting frequent massages is a safe solution if you have a similar problem. Since massages stimulate the blood flow and the lymphatic system, the swelling will go down much faster. 

Helps with Flat Feet

Flat feet are associated with a lack of ligament strength. Frequent foot exercises combined with massage therapy can significantly improve the situation and even completely heal it. People who suffer from this condition often have difficulty walking, so getting a massager is worth trying. Chronic pain, in this case, is caused by inflammation or damage to the fascia. The tissues get more blood, nutrients, and cells that fight inflammation during a massage. A massaging session will also stimulate the lymphatic system and will help you get rid of the toxic chemicals in your body. So, getting a deep kneading massage is the best option for people struggling with flat feet. 

Increased Range of Motion

Since massage relaxes the foot muscles and helps them recover, it can also increase their range of motion and prevent muscle and ankle injuries. So many athletes get regular sessions with massage therapists, especially before big games and after injuries. 


Now that you're more familiar with the benefits of massage, are you ready to make it a regular part of your life? Although there are many massage techniques, all of them are equally beneficial and can only do good for your health. Was the improved mood the most surprising pro on this list for you? If you want a natural way to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and make your body happy, massage is the thing you need.