Roots Eucalyptus™ Premium Essential Oil

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Alleviate stress, anxiety, and pain with our therapeutic-grade blend of Essential Oils, 100% organic and carrier-oil free. This carefully handcrafted mix is designed with inspiration from Ancient Indian technique, passed down by multiple generations of natural medicine practitioners. 


  • 100% Natural Ingredients — The Roots Blend contains absolutely no carrier oils. Our product is made from a premium extract sourced ethically from Asia. No GMOs, pesticides, or any of that yucky stuff. Not now, not ever. 
  • Minty & Fresh Aroma — Imagine a tropical beach, with luscious white sand and beautiful palm trees, overlooking a crystal-clear ocean. You'll get the same warm fuzzies once you experience our Roots Blend. 


  • Ancient-Wisdom Infused — Countless years of research and development has helped us arrive at this incredible formula discovery. We've acquired the same blend used by ancient civilizations dating back thousands of years. This is the purist, most effective Eucalyptus Oil there is. 
  • Only Oil We Sell  — We do not sell any other Essential Oils. We're not in the pursuit of profits, we're in the pursuit of perfection. The Roots Blend is the only Oil that has passed our strenuous tests & delivered consistent results in all of our trials. Until we discover another Oil that can deliver similar results, we will not offer it to our customers. We care about delivering a premium experience, over all else.


Complete Pain Relief - The Roots Blend is used for pain relief all over the world. Simply apply to parts of your body that are aching and watch the magic happen!

Treat Headaches & Migraines - Diffuse the Roots Blend and allow your body to unclog itself of excess mucus and other bacteria. The Eucalyptus branch is especially important in migraine relief. 

Clear Sinus and Congestion - Given the Roots Blend can also be used in candles, it is a perfect way to relieve your pathways and clear your body of excess. You'll feel a clearer, more fuller breath. 

Rid Stress & Anxiety - Aromatherapy is commonly used to center energies in the body and create a newfound sense of relaxedness and focus. We know how important your mental-well being is. We want to highlight the emotional relief that the Roots Blend provides. You'll feel refreshed, re-energized, and relaxed. 

Deeper & Restorative Sleep — Do you find it difficult to go to sleep, or feel tired even when you sleep for a full night? The Roots Blend is inspired by the same Ayurvedic practices used in India thousands of years ago to allow the body to experience the full spectrum of benefits of sleep.


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