Ultra Soft Weighted Blanket (Premium Cotton)

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This 15 LBS Weighted Blanket will engulf you in a warm, heavy hug. 

Our refined design of the weighted blanket features evenly distributed weight, high-quality materials and excellent softness. This blend of materials and our advanced rhomb design relaxes the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged.

You’ll absolutely adore the softness, breathable material & optimal weight. Take the pleasure and comfort of your sleep to the next level!


For optimal weight and breathability, we use micro glass beads, which are made of high-quality glass with a small diameter. They are used to add a soothing feeling of light pressure and warmth.


We specifically remastered the classic square heavy blankets and designed a new ingenious rhomb shape for better effect against anxiety and stress. It is a well-known notion that the weighted blanket replicates the feeling of being hugged, which reduces anxiety.

It's for more comfortable sleeping!




Our weighted blanket is made from all-natural organic cotton, which will provide you with incredible softness and good breathability. Cover your body just once with this super soft and ultra-cozy blanket blanket and you’ll never want to slip it off. This is softness you won't get anywhere else!




Please your feelings every time you use our amazingly soft weighted blanket. Calm your nervous system and pamper your body with one of the most pleasant and soothing blankets.




Why not treat your loved ones with the best weighted blanket? Its undeniable efficiency, the highest quality and luxurious sensations make it one of the best gifts you can give to friends and family for any occasion. It also comes with a nice storage bag, which adds a premium feel.


See why users are calling it stress reducer, anxiety reliever and why it is a favorite of many who struggle with insomnia.

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