KneeKnead — Shiatsu Knee Massager

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Chronic knee pain can lead to issues like muscle degeneration or osteoarthritis — it is important to increase blood flow in the body, especially around the knee area to improve mobility & decrease pain.

Give your knee the gift of relief with the Relaxe KneeKnead Massager. Receive a soothing deep tissue massage with techniques that target key pressure points and help reduce muscle tension surrounding the knee. 

Get a personal massage, whenever & wherever you want!


  • Vibrational & Kneading Massage: Enjoy a deep and comfortable Shiatsu massage that targets specific supportive groups around the knee area. It has three gears of massage (low-grade, medium grade, and high-grade).  Some customers describe it like a feeling of relief unlike anything imaginable!
  • Heating: As the kneading and rolling aspect of the Shiatsu Knee Massager kicks in, feel free to experience multiple modes of heating to simulate the ultimate spa experience. The knee heating massager has 3 temperature adjustments: low-grade 40°c, mid-range 42°c, high-grade 45°c.  Heat energy penetrates the skin, accelerates blood circulation, dredges the meridians, and keeps the knees away from dampness and cold.
  • LED Touch Panel: Easily navigate through the various modes displayed on the screen through the LED touch panel. One touch, and your massage has begun!
  • Red Light Therapy: Using the latest & most innovative Red Light Therapy technology, you will experience the true benefits of a Shiatsu Massage. Red Light Therapy repairs muscle tissue on a cellular level, which is one of the most advanced technological features out there for pain relief.

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✔️ Improved blood circulation

✔️ Increases mobility

✔️ Relieve joint pain, muscle tension, stiffness around the knee

✔️ Promotes deeper, more restful sleep

✔️ Relieves stress & anxiety

✔️ Boosts endorphins, the "feel-good" chemical in the brain

✔️ Protects cells from damage

✔️ Reduces body inflammation 


  • Packing size: 27.6*16.2*20cm
  • Rated voltage: 3.7V
  • Product weight: 1KG
  • Battery capacity: 3000 mAh
  • Rechargeable Battery (USB-C)
  • Overheating Protection Mechanisms
  • Easily fits onto any knee with adjustable ergonomic design

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