My Doctor Told Me That There’s No Cure for My Back Pain… But Then I Discovered an Alternative Solution That Melted Away Pain Forever

By Donna D, Relaxe Customer | July 14, 2023 | 9:10 am EDT

I had back pain that made me want to rip my hair out. 

I could barely get out of bed without in the morning..

Or even walk down the stairs in the morning without writhing in pain. 

I missed when I was able to move freely...

Back pain destroyed my life!

And that’s not even the worst part.

What hurt the most is that I felt like a burden to my family.

I’ve always been a strong & independent person.

But I had to rely on others to do the simplest things.

I hated feeling like a burden, but I didn’t know what else to do.

Doctors Were Of No Use & Kept Shoving Pills Down My Throat..

My doctor told me multiple times that there was nothing he could do to cure my back pain.

He kept prescribing me a ton of painkillers.

God knows what damage that did to my body.

But I just couldn’t accept it..

I mean, in today’s day and age, with all of the technology we have..

..surely there’s a cure for back pain.

So I started searching the internet for an alternative solution.

And what I found completely shocked me.

I Learned About This Ancient Massage Technique Which Melts Away Pain

After spending months of reading medical papers...

I stumbled upon something interesting.

A paper about a powerful massage technique, called Shiatsu Massage. 

Originally a closely guaraded secret in the 14th century Japan..

The Shiatsu Massage technique was passed down in only wealthy Samurai families. 

Shiatsu massage uses reflexology pressure to stimulate the meridian points in the body..

In plain English, it massages away in connective tissue SURROUNDING the joints..

Bringing relief everywhere in the targeted area.

The paper included a study that showed clinical proof of back pain relief!

A large review of 168 studies from medical journals found that people who received shiatsu massages experienced a significant decrease in pain levels associated with sciatica and upper back pain. [1]

So I Called A Chiropractor To See If This Was True..

I couldn't believe it. 

A massage technique specifically for back pain?

It sounded too good to be true. 

So I called a local chiropractor to ask about the connection between sciatica and Shiatsu massage... 

He invited me for an appointment, and that's when my life changed.

The Chiropractor Didn't Adjust My Back.. A Chair Did!

In my appointment, my chiropractor, Dr. Chin explained the true cause of my back pain.

Hidden beneath the lower back, the sciatic nerve can be irrated..

Causing pain signals to be sent to the brain.

And the solution for this is a "nerve reset". 

Which can actually be achieved through frequent Shiatsu Massage sessions!

And rather than finding a Shiatsu masseuse which can cost up to $200 an hour..

He put me in the Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair, and I felt relief for the first time in YEARS!

This "Breakthrough" Medical Device Combines Ancient Technique and Modern Technology


I didn't realize the key to relief was so simple..

A massage chair! 

The rollers (pictured above) work together to go up and down your spine..

Basically deeply massaging the sciatic nerve and surrounding tissue so that it heals..

I got treatment with the chair 5 times a week, and ended up ordering my own..

I don't go a day without using the Relaxe Chair now..

Not only is my back pain is gone, I feel like a whole new person!

It massaged away my swollen legs which were plagued by arthritis..

And brought much needed relief to my tired biceps..

My body feels lighter and 10 years younger...

I Avoided The Dreaded Surgery

What scared me most about back pain was restriction of blood flow..

Which can lead to getting the dreaded surgery — which I desperately wanted to avoid!

Luckily, Shiatsu Massages are important in improving blood circulation..

Which in turn decreases the risk for a bunch of other scary stuff..

Like heart attacks, diabetes, and plaque building up in arteries..

A 2020 review of 12 studies found that back pain patients who received shiatsu massages experienced "significant improvements" in blood circulation and reduced risk of health complications. [3]

I Started To Sleep Like A Baby And Woke Up Feeling Great!

Frequent massages also helped improve my sleep..

I used to wake up cranky and sore..

Dr Lin explained that frequent massages calm emotions by activating the body's natural relaxation response through triggering the release of "endorphins", the feel-good chemical in the brain.

After two weeks of use, I felt "Good As New"..

I woke up feeling like a 22 year old!

A study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing found that individuals who received reflexology massages (a close cousin to Shiatsu Massages) experienced improvements in sleep quality and reduced insomnia. [5]

The Relaxe Massage Chair Changed My Life

Not only did my back pain go away..

I felt years of tension dissolve from my arms and legs..

I could finally get back to gardening and playing with my dog..

My digestion improved..

I was less stressed..

My blood pressure dropped by 20 points!

Needless to say, my doctor was SHOCKED.

I have been telling everyone I know about the Relaxe Chair..

Here's How It Works

The best part about the Relaxe Chair is that its so simple to use...

It came to my house super quick, within 3 days of ordering..

And it arrived fully assembled.

All I had to do was plug it in!

And bam.. a lifetime of incredible relief..


Massage Chairs Normally Cost $5,000+, But Here's Why Relaxe Is So Affordable...

The massage chair industry is outdated..

Most chairs were designed with cheap materials in the 1990s..

But not Relaxe.

They medically engineered the chair to deliver total back pain relief.

With modern, premium materials and recent A.I technology.

And best of all, they totally flipped the massage chair industry on its head..

You see, massage chairs usually cost $5,000+ because of heavy shipping costs..

They go from factory, to trade shows, to showrooms, and finally to your door..

Each shipment adding hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in fees..

Massage chairs were not meant to move in an online world..

But Relaxe made it happen, saving thousands of dollars in shipping fees!

They cut out the middlemen completely, passing on the savings to you..


A Whopping 96% of Verified Users Reported Feeling Immediate Relief


Imagine what kind of impact relief would have on you.

The wonders it will have on your personal life, mental health, and overall well being.

Tens of thousands of happy customers love their Relaxe Chair.

I know because I watched many of their reviews on the website.

It's what made me pull a trigger on finally ordering the chair.

And it has been the best decision I ever made. 



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Relaxe Shiatsu Massage Chair

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Targets reflexology & acupuncture points 

Adjustable intensities and customizable massage

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